Work with Us

Do you have a dreamy idea of working with a technology start up?

Let us ask you one question then. Do you understand the meaning of Start-UP and Technology?

Technology – Use anything Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine anything under the sun– The user should say just one word – “WOW”. Loud and Clear – “WOW”

Startup – Whoever you pray, becomes your God. (Mind you this is original statement; you can search in Google ;)) What it means is we don’t believe in precedence, we don’t have a mental barrier, we are creators, we are innovators. We have the intellectual faculty to back yourself, to stand alone away from the herd, to start something new. Yet we are the most fun loving bunch of people you would ever land up with.

That my friend is called our startup.


We are a super talented (that’s a brag, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lie), multi-cultural and flexible start-up with members from across the world working with us.

Get firsthand experience of startup that seriously believes in y=ab. Do you what that geeky symbol meant? Plot it in a graph, it means exponential growth.

Oh I did we forget to tell, that exponential growth we were talking in previous paragraph about not about your company, it was about your career. We leave the growth of our company to your imagination.

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