Big picture in minutes

See everything about your referral visits from social media, email campaigns, mobile campaigns at one place. Ziplr lets you shorten your URLs, build your brand and analyse your traffic data. Using Ziplr you can pull all your referral data into place, and then see the BIG picture.

Unleash your Brand

Build your brand through branded short domain, short URLs and detail statistics. Track your referral visits across any marketing platform, stay informed, and stay on top.

Simple Set up

It's easy to get started and even easier to keep going with Ziplr. In just 3 minutes, sign up with Ziplr, verify your domain and start using our awesome application.

Stay updated

Ziplr automatically gathers data of your shortened links (ziplinks) in real time and gives you the information in an easy, visually appealing manner. We will crunch the numbers, and get your precise, useful information.


Reinforce your brand through all your communication, use a short domain with Ziplr and start creating shortened URLs.

Bring your own domain (BYOD). Make your own URL shortner. Engage with your audience. Understand your Audience.

If they can't recall your brand through your shortened domain, then can't recall you at all.

Just get a domain and we will make your URL shortner and audience analysis wizard.

Pick up a short domain which closely associates with your brand, verify it with Ziplr and drive all your marketing initiatives through Ziplr, helping you in branding, optimization of your campaign and improving your performance.

Want to know how deep your links have reached in terms of geographies, devices, browsers and referral websites? Just a glimpse at our graphs and charts can get you all of these information in a jiffy.


Digital media is a story of digital consumption, with the right ingredients we can help you make that smashing, ever popular dish, which will remain in vogue for time immemorial.

Use our analytics sections to understand and optimize your marketing efforts, see the natural flow of your links through social sharing, quantify many qualitative features of your audience or customers and become more relevant for your target audience.

Behavioral analysis

Leverage multiple users, tagging for your brand to channelize your performance across geographic locations, channels, language etc.

Check analytics and see how you can leverage your branding, conversion, reach and improve on all key performance indicators.

Analysis of your audience, their tastes, their quantitative and qualitative features would enable you give out relevant information, suggestions or offerings to your audience.

Use our in-depth statistical analysis and number crunching abilities to fine tune your campaign and marketing initiatives to deliver optimized results and impressive offerings to your audience.

Increase the probability of social sharing and continuously improve the CTR through our reports and analysis.